Photo Gallery

  • 2018 Recipients

    2018 Recipients

  • 2017 Recipients

    2017 Recipients

    From left to right:
    Zoe Lopes, Marcus Smith, Alexis Smith, Mikayla Wilson, Honor Darrell, N.H. Cole Simons (Trustee), Chan Richardson and Cree Lottimore. Missing from photo are Ravi Cannonier-Watson, Kyle Simmons and Rashun Richardson

  • 2016 Recipients

    2016 Recipients

    From left to right:
    Cole Simons (Trustee), Marcus Smith, Cree Lottimore, Eryn Beach, Jahsh Durrant, Brittany Haley, Niamah Frith, Alexis Smith, Kyle Simmons, Ravi Cannonier-Watson and Linda Tucker (Trustee) Missing from photo: Kioshi Burgess

  • 2015 Recipients

    2015 Recipients

    From left to right:
    Phaedra Dill, Marcus Smith, Jahsh Durrant, Eryn Beach, Miles Dill, Kyle Simmons, Cole Simons (Trustee), Linda Tucker (Trustee), Yanna Smith and Shanna Hollis. Missing from photo: Alexis Smith

  • 2014 Recipients

    2014 Recipients

    From left to right:
    N.H. (Cole) Simons (Trustee), Sarai Hines, Rowan Vickers, Yanna Smith, Kioshi Burgess, Avarie Graham, Kyle Simmons (deferred), Deondre' Cumberbatch, Miles Dill, Rhea Gibbons, Marcus Smith, Linda Tucker (Trustee). Missing is Dezjuan Thomas.

  • 2013 Recipients

    2013 Recipients

    (From left to right:
    Avarie Graham, Rhea Gibbons, Sarai Hines, Dezjuan Thomas, Rowan Vickers, Cole Simons (Trustee), Yanna Smith, Miles Dill, Malachi Simmons, Suzanne Wilson (mother of Rory Wilson), Rochelle Minors, Wendy Seymour (mother of Kioshi Burgess), Neal Morris, Troy Seymour (step-father of Kioshi Burgess) and Linda Tucker (Trustee).

  • 2012 Recipients

    2012 Recipients

    (From left to right:
    Linda Tucker (Trustee), Kelly Howe, Meagan Wellman, Hayley Cann, Sarai Hines, Dezjuan Thomas, Malachi Simmons, Rachael Antonition, Kara Smith, Cole Simons (Trustee), Kamela Wade, Avarie Graham.
    Missing from photo:
    Rowan Vickers, Charlie Godet, Tsilala Graham-Haynes, Christopher Frith, Leidy Sinclair

  • 2011 Recipients

    2011 Recipients

    Front Row, left to right:
    Shelby Rodrigues, Rowan Vickers, Jarae Thompson, Rajai Denbrook

    Middle Row, left to right:
    Michael Watson, Megan Burgess, Malachi Simmons

    Back Row, left to right:
    N.H. Cole Simons (Trustee), Cory Brangman, Tsilala, Graham-Haynes, Rochelle Minors, Rachel Antonition

    Missing from photo: Hannah Dill

  • 2010 Recipients

    2010 Recipients

    Front Row, left to right:
    N.H. Cole Simons Trustee, Aimee Bento - Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, Rajai Denbrook - Central School for Speech and Drama, Krystl Robinson-Assan (front) - School of the Art Institute of Chicago, S. Samantha Gosling - Rhode Island School of Design, Tsilala Graham-Haynes - Carnegie Mellon University

    Second Row, left to right:
    L. Nicholas Waddell - Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, Christopher Frith - UNC School of the Arts, Kara Smith - Westminster University

    Top Row, left to right:
    Cory Brangman - Savannah College of Art & Design, Linda Tucker - Trustee

    Missing from photo:
    Benjamin Lusher - Berklee College of Music, T. Rikkai Scott - London Contemporary Dance School

  • 2009 Recipients

    2009 Recipients

    Front Row, left to right:
    Rael Simons, T. Rikkai Scott, Makeda Simmons, Kara Smith

    Back Row:
    Alexandria Williams, Micrae Smith, N.H. Cole Simons, S. Samantha Gosling, James Waddell

    Missing from Photo: Matthew Bento

  • 2008 Recipients

    2008 Recipients

    Left to right:
    Linda Tucker - Trustee, James Waddell, Roy Richardson, Summer Wood, Dominique Anderson, Cory Brangman, Chantelle Emery, Jamie MacMillan, Alexandria Williams, Matthew Bento, N.H. Cole Simons - Trustee

    Missing from photo: Cory Brangman

  • 2006 Recipients

    2006 Recipients

    Left to right:
    Roy Richardson, Dominique Anderson's father, Scott Hooper, Kendia Gill, Kayla Jackson, Sharieka Dent, William West, Madison Mello, Samantha Ruberrry, Linda Tucker - Trustee, N.H. Cole Simons - Trustee

  • 2004 Recipients

    2004 Recipients

    Left to right:
    Mark Tatem, John Singleton, Scott Hooper, Richelle Richards, Cole Simons (Trustee), Catherine White, William West, Kendia Gill, Roy Richardson and Jason Eddy's Mother.